Nutrition is a key element in maximizing your body's performance and natural healing capabilities. Proper nutrition can help speed healing, maximize performance and give you more energy.

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Nutrition Chiropractic

Sports Rehab


Pinnacle Health & Wellness can design the proper exercise and nutritional programs to maximize athletic performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

When injuries happen, and you find youself in need of chiropractic rehab, Pinnacle Health & Wellness provides custom therapy programs to speed recovery and help prevent reoccurence.

Nutrition is the most important factor in both your body's performance and optimal natural healing abilities.  Proper nutrition will not only provide you with more energy, it will also help speed healing, and maximize your intellectual and physical performance.

Pinnacle Health & Wellness begins by evaluating your current diet and conditions and then makes personal dietary and supplement recommendations to help you meet improve your health and lifestyle goals.

Cold Laser Treatment


Pinnacle Health and Wellness offers Cold Laser Treatment to provide proven, safe, effective non-invasive pain relief for many common ailments.  FDA cleared, Cold Laser Treatment has been proven effective in over 2500 worldwide studies.  Pinnacle Health & Wellness patients have experienced fantastic results in reducing inflamation, muscle spasm and pain. 

Cold Laser Treatment has been used effectively to treat numerous ailments including:

Arthritis/Joint Pain Nerve Pain/Radiculopathy
Back Pain/Neck Pain Sciatica
Bursitis Shoulder/Rotator Cuff
Fibromyalgia Sprain/Strain
Heel Spurs/Plantar Fasciitis Tendonitis
Herniated/Bulging discs Tennis Elbow
Knee Pain Trigger Points
Migraine Headaches Whiplash
Muscle Pain/Spasms ....and many more.

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