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About Us

Pinnacle Health & Wellness and Dr. Tyler Hamel have a mission and purpose to optimize the health of thousands of patients using chiropractic care and nutritional programs. For those seeking natural alternatives to medicine we have over 16 years experience helping clients overcome their health concerns naturally without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery. We help empower and guide our patients to improve their body’s ability to heal and repair itself by alleviating spine and nerve interference and feeding the body the nutrients it needs. The combination of improving spine/nervous system health and nutritional therapies allows the body to function at a more optimal level, these programs not only help you look and feel better but actually be healthier. Part of mission is to educate our patients to take responsibility for their own health and not to just rely on a medicine to mask their symptoms or just feel better short term.

Over the past 16 years Tyler Hamel DC, ACN has unfortunately noticed a trend of deteriorating health among his patients. There are more people in the 20’s now struggling with health problems that you used to only see in people in their 40’s. Another observation Dr. Hamel has made is that people’s health concerns seem to be worse now than ever before, the average treatment time for chiropractic and nutritional programs has increased in order to help patients overcome their neck pain, back pain, sciatica, chronic fatigue, weight loss, arthritis, scoliosis, herniated discs, migraine headaches and more. We are determined to get people educated about preventative health measures they can take as to avoid more serious health conditions in the future; no one wants to get surgery of any kind and we can help patients make the right choices which allows them to stay healthy and avoid going under the knife.

Dr. Hamel states that the way to improve health is by improving the function of the spine, organs/glands and nervous system. As doctors we really don’t fix anything, when given the right natural, healthy modalities the body is able to heal, fix and repair itself, this is what a good chiropractic and nutrition program promotes. Our health restoration programs help identify the underlying or root causes of health concerns or complaints our patients our coming in with. Finding the root cause and implementing a health restoration program, or a program to correct the root causes is the key to getting patients better. How do you expect to overcome any type of health concern if the underlying cause is not identified and addressed?; it is just impossible to get better. Most patient who come in to our office have experienced the complete opposite of our philosophy, using mainstream medicine these patients have only had their symptoms managed or dulled and they are really not any healthier. Treating symptoms with pain pills, muscle relaxers or anti inflammatory medication can help you feel better but in no way does correct the root cause of the problem. Today this is why see some of our patients taking medicine for 5, 10, even 20 years but they are still suffering with headaches, sciatica, arthritis, neck and back pain; meaning they are not any healthier. Yes there is a time and place for medicine, emergency surgeries, infection and other situations but for chronic health conditions prescription medication does not and cannot cut the mustard. The main reason traditional medicine does not work for chronic health issues is that a pill cannot correct the underlying cause of a headache, neck pain or sciatica, it can only manage the symptoms. Most people do not realize the facts about medicine, we see it everyday in our chiropractic practice with people struggling with aches and pain who have been taking medicine for many years with little to no results.

Due the facts that chiropractic care is very safe, natural with little to no side effects; we see patients of all different ages. Everyone has a spine and nervous system, and if it is not working properly some correction needs to happen in order to return proper health to the body, it doesn’t matter if you are 6 weeks old or 65 years old everyone can benefit from our health restoration plans. Our patient base in very broad, the youngest being two 6 month old babies, the oldest patient being 89. Chiropractic can benefit all ages. Pinnacle’s philosophy is that the human body should be able to heal itself.  We give our patient’s the tools to make this happen.  These tools include spinal re-alignment, trigger point therapy, corrective exercises, and nutritional counseling. A thorough chiropractic and nutrition program will allow the spine to stabilize, allow nerve pressure to be released and help return the body to a normal ability to heal and repair itself, it is not rocket science it just works.

Dr. Tyler Hamel’s passion and enthusiasm for Chiropractic and alternative health is passed on to each and everyone of his patients. He is inspired and committed to bringing the highest level of health and wellness to all his patients, their families and the Kingwood community which Pinnacle Health & Wellness has served for over 16 years. He looks forward to helping anyone achieve their health and wellness goals and loves the opportunity to educate patients and their families on the benefits of Chiropractic care and the Chiropractic lifestyle. Chiropractic care has a staggering success rate of over 75% when it comes to naturally alleviating neck pain, back pain, headaches and sciatica. All Dr. Hamel asks is that to become a chiropractic patient you have to take action, you have to participate in the process of improving your health. Taking action on something that is very healthy and promotes good, long term health improvement is the key to achieving the results you are looking for.

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