Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff - Pinnacle Health and WellnessOver the past 14 years of being an alternative health care professional I have noticed a significant deterioration in overall health of our community.  I have practiced in the Kingwood, TX area for over 14 years helping thousands of clients.  It used to be rare for me to see chiropractic patients come in with conditions such as Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Thyroid Dysfunction, Chronic Fatigue, Insomnia, Hormonal Imbalance and more; today it seems like over 90% of the patients coming in have one or more of these.  In order to be prepared to take care of these more complex cases I have taken over 250 hours of advanced clinical nutrition training.  Please read our testimonials and one can see that we have been very successful in not only treating neck and back pain, but helping people overcome their chronic health conditions that they have been suffering with for years, some over 10 years.  Common conditions that we have had massive success and life changing results with are: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Migraine Headaches, IBS, Hypo/Hyper Thyroid, Chronic Fatigue, Weight Management, Skin Problems, Digestive Issues, Hormone Imbalance, Insomnia, IBS, Sugar/Carb Addiction, Diabetes and more.

We have some patients who only use chiropractic care, others who only do designed clinical nutrition plans, and some that do a combination of both.  We feel that we can support our patients optimally by providing both neurological and metabolic therapies.  The brain and nervous system control every action or process that occurs in the body so we maximize function by re-aligning the spine and taking pressure off of nerves, allowing good nerve energy to flow where it needs to.  Nutritionally we support all the glands, organs, and systems of the body that need energy, when these systems are not working properly; there is no life force, no energy, and no vibrancy to be had by the body.

Our approach includes identifying the underlying cause of the health condition/disease process you are coming in with.  We then give your body what it needs chiropractically and/or nutritionally to help turn on the process that allows your body to heal and repair itself.  Unlike conventional medicine we do not treat symptoms, we do not offer “band aid” or “quick fix health care”, we are not trying to manage your symptoms or just make you feel better….we want you to BE better and BE healthier.

Personally I have struggled with immune, thyroid and digestive problems in the past and I know how uncomfortable, annoying, frustrating and debilitating they can be.  My immediate family also suffers from some chronic health conditions and it really hits home as they get older and are suffering more.

I DO THIS because I do not believe that we should settle for subpar or mediocre health, when we were put on this earth that is not what He had in mind.  In reality there is no “normal” headache, digestive problems, or chronic fatigue; this is your body telling you that something is wrong.  People with chronic health conditions cannot be drugged back to health.  We use a holistic, natural approach to get the body healthy, and I believe I posses the knowledge and experience to help and support you overcome any health challenge you are dealing with today.

Congratulations on taking the initial step to transformative and restorative health.

God Bless

Dr. Tyler Hamel, DC, ACN

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