I came to Dr. Hamel to get chiropractic treatment for my back pain and headaches; he soon made me realize that my symptoms of headaches, weight issues, back pain and fatigue were related not only to spinal problems but also nutritional deficiencies. My constant back pain and headaches effect my mood at home and at work every day, my weight issues played a big part of my negative self esteem and I was tired all of the time. After 3 weeks on the nutritional program my headaches are gone, my energy level has increased significantly and I have lost 6 pounds. I now feel more alert and alive than I ever have. I would recommend anyone to this program, friends and family are noticing that I look and act differently now. SC, Humble, TX

I was having issues with my skin, hair falling out, and my nails breaking off. My blood sugar was increasing and I am type 2 Diabetic. All this has been going on for about 4 years, also my cravings for sugar were out of control. My mood and energy levels were very low, I felt very sluggish all of the time. Losing my hair was the worst, it was so embarrassing. Now I have no more sugar cravings and my blood sugar is getting better. My skin is not nearly as dry, and I am not having acne breakouts like I was before. My hair is not breaking off and falling out like it used to. My nails are finally growing for the first time in years. MP, Kingwood, TX

I was having major issues with fatigue, craving sweets and not being able to think straight and realized getting older these symptoms were not improving but getting worse. The thought of being productive felt like a chore as I did not want to do anything. With the help of Dr. Hamel my life has changed. I have seen a change in as little as 12 days with the amount of energy and clarity that I feel as well as my sweet tooth has slowly faded. I have lost 16 pounds in 3 weeks so fat and I am sure I will continue. Also my hormones seem to be in check and everything is feeling more natural. I want to say thank you Dr. Hamel for taking the time out to give me back my energy!!! PL, Kingwood, TX

I have many thanks to give to Dr. Hamel for making me not embarrassed to be seen in public. I had been losing my hair in chunks, dermatitis and not to forget the headaches!!! Since I have been trusting Dr. Hamel with this program the headaches are gone, my hair is back and I feel healthy again!!! I would recommend this program to anyone that is feeling uncomfortable with their life because I know it helped change mine. KL, Kingwood, TX

I was constantly having severe headaches everyday and I just could not get a good night’s rest which caused me to be extremely irritable. These two issues took away from my family and the ability to support them because I was extremely fatigue and grouchy. After meeting with Dr. Hamel and hearing is concern and knowledge I opened up to the idea of making a change in my life. The headaches are very rare now and I feel rested and enjoy going to work and spending time with my family. Thank you again Dr. Hamel. TD, Kingwood, TX

I came in 1.5 weeks ago with neck pain, headaches and I always felt tired. Taking the nutritional supplements he recommended, and with 3 treatments I now rarely have a headache, and my neck and back are finally getting some relief. I think Dr. Hamel spends the right amount of time with me and I definitely get the value for the service, I will refer my husband, sister and friends in for sure. JB, Huffman, TX

Before I came to see Dr. Hamel, I couldn’t find a chiropractor and nutritionist in Kingwood to meet my needs. I mean someone who could help me overcome my health issues naturally. Since starting a chiropractic and nutrition program one month ago, my health and my life has significantly improved; he let me know from the beginning that this would happen if I took 100% responsibility and committed to my health. Dr. Hamel has given me back my purpose and helped me realize that I couldn’t be the best mom and wife if my health was suffering. My neck and back pain was chronic but now I am able to move, work, and go to the gym without any restrictions. One month ago I really did not want to get out bed, I was drained, confused and not really motivated to do much. Today I am sleeping better and waking up refreshed and ready to attack the day; it is surprising how focused and how much you can do when you are energized. Since getting adjustments, changing my diet and taking nutritional supplements, my mood has stabilized and I’m not nearly as anxious. There is no way to explain how family life improves when you finally feel “normal” again. The intimacy between my husband and I has noticeably improved and we are both thankful for that. I have also dropped a few pounds and the main thing is that I still feel energized, motivated and focused; I have done weight loss programs before and lost weight, but I felt horrible in the process. I have known Dr. Hamel for some time now, but I was never ready to commit to doing the things I needed to do to improve my health, he has been able to guide and inspire me to get out of my own way and take action. If you are looking for an honest, knowledgeable chiropractor and nutritionist in Kingwood I would highly recommend him, I have already referred 6 of my friends to Dr. Hamel to help with their fatigue, digestive issues, headaches, weight issues and more.   Dr. Hamel is an amazing go to Doctor! Have referred clients with chronic issues like migraines with great results and amazing feedback! If you are looking for natural alternatives to medicine, I highly recommend Dr . Hamel! MT, The Woodlands, TX

I stand on my feet all day and have had lots of problems with my back and neck, but Dr. hamel has really helped me so much! At one point my range of motion was so bad I could barely turn my head to the left so I went in for an adjustment and I did feel some immediate relief but he told me that in about an hour or so that I would really notice the difference and sure enough within the hour I had full range of motion and most of all no more pain! Dr. Hamel is very kind and really listens to your concerns so that he is able to treat you in the best way possible. He also is extremely helpful when it comes to the nutritional side, I definitely recommend him to everyone wanting help with their health and nutrition! LH, Kingwood, TX

I have visited Dr. Hamel in several occasions for different types of injuries I’ve sustained during my 10 plus years living in Kingwood, Texas. A few months ago, while playing soccer I fell very hard on my right shoulder. I hard sharp pain and limited mobility to the point where I thought I had a dislocated shoulder. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Hamel and he was very knowledgeable and professional. He explained exactly the type of injury I had and helped me with my rehabilitation, strengthening and recovery of my shoulder again. At the beginning of the year while playing squash I twisted and sprained my right ankle. Once again he helped me with my injury and with a fast recovery. Dr. Hamel is a very professional and dedicated chiropractor. You can tell he loves what he does by the way he approaches you as a new patient and person on your very first appointment. I definitely recommend him for anyone that has sustained any kind of injury during any sports activity. JC, Kingwood, TX

I have been going to see Dr. Hamel for a little over three weeks now and i can’t say enough of how this has worked for me. I was always feeling tired, nauseous, fatigued and overwhelmed because of my thyroid, to the point that i didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere. After a few days of starting the program i felt so much better. Not only have my headaches and nausea gone away but because of the diet he suggested everything has improved including my skin. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hamel, to anyone. I feel he is very knowledgeable in what he does and is very connected with his patients. I can text him at anytime of the day with a question or concern. I am very happy i made the choice to go through his program 🙂 NN, Kingwood, TX

Dr. Hamel has an exceptional knowledge of fitness, health and overall nutrition. He genuinely cares about each of his patients, which translates into sound, practical advice and often follows up to make sure you’re on track for pursuing health goals. I’d recommend him to anyone and he’s a pleasure to work with. JG, Houston, TX

Fantastic experience with immediate results and changes in my health; I highly recommend Pinnacle Health to anyone who is looking to achieve optimal health. Well informed in nutrition and chiropractic, I feel very lucky to have found this gem of a practice! AH, Kingwood, TX

This is an amazing individual with very good results. I refer him all the time and will continue. He has amazing abilities with outstanding professionalism. Schedule now will be the best thing you will ever do. MO, Kingwood, TX

If you’re looking for five star treatment in chiropractic and nutrition, I highly recommend Dr. Tyler Hamel @ Pinnacle Health and Wellness! He is definitely one of the best! Very professional, knowledgeable and sincere. He has improved if not totally taken away my on-going headaches, backaches, neckaches and improved my thyroid, adrenal conditions and overall quality of life with his nutrition plans. He always goes the extra mile to help you feel better! I would recommend his services to anyone! BM, Katy, TX

Dr. Hamel did an outstanding job informing us about nutrition today at our bible study/bootcamp at Humble Area First Baptist Church! He was very informative and all of the ladies, including myself, were very excited to have him bring helpful information about keeping our temples strong and healthy, and the options that we have. Thank you so much Dr. Hamel! We look forward to having you again! And we are excited to know about the services you offer at Pinnacle Health and Wellness right here in Kingwood for future consultations, nutrition counseling, and chiropractic needs. LB, Humble Area First Baptist

Dr. Hamel is definitely the guy to go to for sports related injuries! I first went to see him with extremely tight IT bands from marathon training (so much so that I could barely straighten out my legs). He worked with me, and advised me on ways to not only alleviate the pain but also how to eliminate it on my own through stretching. He is an athlete, so he understands how hard it is to not participate when you are injured. He really worked to maximize my healing as quickly as possible without putting me at risk for re-injury. CN, Houston, TX

My friend Allison and I recently attended a thyroid class given by Dr. Tyler Hamel. He was extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter, nutrition and natural supplements. I learned a great deal of information as her daughter was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, as well as thyroid cancer. Allison wanted to learn as much as she could about the thyroid and the role it plays in the body. We highly recommend everyone to explore this area and learn more about how every cell in the body depends upon the thyroid. We will be taking other classes from Dr. Hamel. I will also bring my mother this time as she has thyroid issues as well. I so very much appreciate that this class is offered free to the public. TW and AA/Kingwood, TX

I have been seeing Dr. Hamel for over 4 years. He is a great chiropractor and is very knowledgeable about nutrition. He has helped me overcome some digestive issues that I have struggled with for a long time, and has helped me with my migraine headaches. I will definitely continue to see him in the future. JS, Kingwood, TX

Hi I’m Rosa and I’ve had a pretty satisfying experience with Dr. Hamel and his staff. when I came to him I was having so many issues, I was so tired, lower back pain, shoulders hurt and this nagging discomfort that I had been feeling in my ear and throat. Dr. Hamel got me immediately underway with thyroid products, vit. b, calcium and a few other minerals to help balance my body back out. within weeks I have to say I was feeling a lot better and now I’m almost back to my old self, happy and healthy again. Thank you Dr. Hamel RW, Humble, TX

Pinnacle Health and Wellness has been an amazing resource for me to regain my health. As a sufferer of lupus for 12 years, and as a kidney transplant patient, I have languished through years of physical challenges. Dr. Hamel is not only able to help with one-off injuries and recurring pain, but also takes a holistic view of the health of the body. Through his guidance, I have been able to return to my favorite sport, tennis, while mitigating injuries through a better diet, stretching, and strengthening. Pinnacle Health and Wellness is a huge asset to my success! JT, Humble, TX

Dr. Hamel is so knowledgeable in his field and truly cares about his patients’ health and wellbeing! His office is conveniently located in Kingwood and offers treatment and wellness plans for anyone trying to find solutions to chronic pain or health issues. I have referred friends to Dr. Tyler and have personally seen how much he has helped them with back and neck pain and inflammation. I appreciate that he has natural solutions to medicine and can find a way to help people feel better without taking tons of prescriptions. Dr. Hamel is truly a professional and one of the best in his field. I will continue to refer friends, family, and loved ones to him! CS, Kingwood, TX

Dr. Hamel is great! He really listens to your concerns. I’ve suffered with migraine’s and an old neck injury for well over 10 years. Seeing Dr. Hamel for regular adjustments and nutritional supplements has helped me tremendously with the pain and discomfort as well just feeling better overall. VT, Kingwood, TX

A big thank you to Dr. Hamel for helping me get on track to a healthier lifestyle. He takes the time to listen to your individual concerns and issues and design a holistic approach to your diet based on your individual needs. I have been following Dr. Hamel’s advice for about 8 weeks and have seen my energy level increase and have lost 15lbs. Not only that, I am hopeful I will be able to reduce my dependency on pharmaceutical medicines in the near future. Definitely recommend Dr. Hamel to those that are ready to take control of their health! CS, Humble, TX

Dr. Hamel is very kind and takes everything into account and works on each specific issue step by step. You will not be written a quick prescription and be thrown out the door. So far my experience has been amazing and my results have been much more promising rather than a temporary solution. I absolutely love my experience with Pinnacle Health and Wellness and Dr. Hamel, I Highly recommend it if you are suffering from headaches, chronic fatigue, back pain, weight loss and digestive issues; I initially had all of these and I have see significant improvement. MD, Kingwood, TX

Dr. Hamel has helped me through pre- and post back surgery, as well as alleviated my chronic daily headaches. He conducts a thorough history and uses test data to compile a very comprehensive and individualized health plan. The results have been incredibly welcomed and a huge relief. ML, Humble, TX

I came into Dr. Hamel’s office with a variety of issues that were giving me problems from headaches to back pain to neck aches. Ounce I started my treatment I IMMEDIATELY noticed changes in how I felt. I use to wake up in terrible back pain from my sciatica that I felt like was almost debilitating! Thanks to Dr. Hamel that pain is almost nonexistent! LC, Porter, TX

I want to thank Dr. Hamel for helping me get on some good supplement programs for arthritis, inflammation, immune issues, chronic fatigue, and digestive issues. His programs really enhanced my quality of life. I have recommended my daughter and daughter;s mother with great results. One of the reason i recommend Dr. Hamel is that I can call him with any questions I have and he gets back to me quickly; try that with any other doctor. If you have been struggling with health issues and have not gotten better with medicine this is a great alternative Doctor to see. WM, Kingwood, TX

Dr. Hamel is such a kind, informative doctor. I personally have never experienced such an involved doctor like Dr. Hamel. Before seeing him I felt extremely fatigued and often had digestive issues. I attended one of his thyroid classes and within one hour I had learned so much about health I just had to make an appointment with him. After seeing Dr. Hamel I have a better general sense of well-being and he is so involved I can ask him any question I have about health and he answers right away. I really appreciate him for that. He is also an amazing chiropractor. He is very easy, gentle, and takes his time while adjusting. I feel as if I found a great doctor as well as a friend that cares about my health. Highly recommend Pinnacle Health and Wellness! AB, Kingwood, TX

Dr. Hamel has helped many of my friends and family members. He is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and natural supplements among countless other subjects of health and the body. Unlike many doctors who prescribe medication to mask symptoms of underlying disorders and diseases, Dr. Hamel to dedicated to seeking the root cause of the issue. With this holistic approach, he helped my father get his body working optimally enough to no longer need cholesterol medication! Along with loosing the pills my father has lost excess weight naturally and without feeling deprived. If you have thyroid issues you MUST see Dr. Hamel. He is well versed in hyper/hypothyroidism and Hoshimoto’s Disease and has given me vital information to improve my autoimmune disease. TW, Humble, TX