Tyler Hamel DC Bio

Tyler Hamel DC Bio

Tyler Hamel DC is the owner and director of Pinnacle Health and Wellness; he has over 16 years experience helping thousands of people to attain a great sense of health and well-being. Dr. Hamel specializes in working with clients with health issues such as fatigue, arthritis, reflux, headaches, thyroid problems, hormonal issues and other chronic health conditions.

Dr. Hamel developed his passion for optimal health when he was in college and played professional handball on the US tour. A disciplined diet and exercise were the keys to getting him to a #5 ranking in the world. Although Dr. Hamel was very disciplined in all facets of health, he would be the first to admit today that he did many things back then the opposite of what he would do now. He received a degree of Doctor of Chiropractic in Portland Oregon and graduated in 1999. Since then Dr. Hamel has spent countless hours studying and researching physiology and biomechanics of the body to figure out exactly what the body needs to be able to heal and repair itself efficiently and effectively.

Dr. Hamel has not only researched the best and highest quality supplement companies on the planet but he has been through numerous nutritional protocols and nutritional testing to find out what really works best. Dr. Hamel believes that there is no substitute for quality; when you are giving the body whole food supplements to literally change the organs, cells and tissues of the body they have to be the best otherwise you cannot get the results. Dr. Hamel has followed some of the greatest alternative Doctors of the last 50 years and incorporated their best
ideas and practices in order to treat the client as a person and not just a symptom.

Dr. Hamel found that without nutritional testing and therapy he could only get a patient to a certain level of health and they would plateau. Since incorporating nutrition 10 years ago and more recently Nutritional Response Testing one year ago he has seen the patient’s level of health skyrocket. He believes that nutrition is the missing link with so many health conditions and until you evaluate it, the patient will always be missing out on the chance to experience optimal health and wellness.

Dr. Hamel has the knowledge and ability to enhance a patient’s body to be able to heal and repair itself and get phenomenal results. The nutritional testing is easy to understand and each individualized nutrition plan has a rational behind it. Dr. Hamel is dedicated to identifying the underlying cause of your health condition, then supporting and coaching his patients all the way through their path to superior health.

Dr. Hamel offers health care classes that are open to the general public, he believes these are health topics everyone should know about and the more people educated the healthier we all become. At these health talks we offer recipes and sample of healthy snacks for everyone to enjoy. It is time to leave your past health problems behind and start on a new journey to walk in the path of true health and wellness.

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