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Alternative Health Care Is Turning Our Health Around

More and more people are starting to believe in alternative health care and move away from going to their medical doctors.  When you go to a primary care physicians’ office they are always packed with people, packed with sick people who are there to have a condition or symptom managed.  Managing symptoms or conditions means not taking care of the underlying cause but prescribing drugs and medications to make a patient feel better, not be better.  Alternative health care focuses on giving the body what it needs to help it heal and fix its problems; your specific problems and not anyone else’s.

Primary care physicians’ offices are filled with people wanting to feel better, and if you looked three month or six months down the road you would see exactly the same people back in the office.  This is what healthcare has become in the US, managing symptoms over and over again and many times the drug or solution becomes the next problem.  The drug is the so called solution to a symptom or condition, but taking that drug over a long period of time can result in side effects and thus the next problem.  When the body gets toxic with drugs and chemicals, most of the organs and glands in the body are affected in a negative way; because they don’t know what to do with the drugs.  Organs and glands in the body respond fantastically to minerals, vitamins and the right nutrition; there is no confusion about what they are supposed to do with this fuel.  Yes, nutrients and vitamins are fuel for your organs, without this high octane fuel you system cannot work optimally and eventually health will deteriorate.  If we drank gasoline because we thought fuel for a car should be the same for the body, we would immediately get sick and your body would try and eliminate the toxin as quickly as possible.  The United States is ranked number 37, amongst other counties in terms of the delivery of health care, emergency care is great but long term health care is not.  There is more of a need for alternative health care, if we continue with mainstream medicine the incidence of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer will continue to go higher, as it has in the last twenty years.

So why have we been convinced over time that drugs and medications are good for us; why do we think this is what our body needs to get better?.  Why do we see these television commercials with pharmacists and people smiling together and having a great time when the person goes to pick up their next prescription?  Is anyone really happy when they have to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, do you see smiling faces when they are in line wondering how much it is going to cost or how long they have to take it for?  Unfortunately most people are like robots, they leave the doctor’s office and go get a prescription and do not question any of the process.  Although these days you see some frustrated people who are seeking more alternative health care treatments, the reason being that a couple of times a year they get the same medication for the same condition.  Times are changing, people are tired of the healthcare system; or more like the sick care system and they want answers.  People are starting to ask their medical doctors if there are any options to drugs and medications; they are tired of spending two minutes in the office and getting another prescription.

So what are the options? Is there anything natural out there that can help you be healthier and stay healthy?  There are plenty of natural nutritional protocols, alterative health care Doctors such as chiropractic, naturopaths and nutritionists to help heal and repair the body.  There is actually specific orthopedic testing, allergy testing, and nutrition testing available to help people get on a healthy tract.  Alternative or natural health care prides itself on not only getting you feeling better but also being healthier, and hopefully that keeps you away from the mainstream system of over drugging and medicating.

This article was published on Wednesday 26 September, 2012.

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