Nutrition is a key element in maximizing your body's performance and natural healing capabilities. Proper nutrition can help speed healing, maximize performance and give you more energy.

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Can the Body Heal Itself

If you cut your finger your body can heal the cut without band aids or antibiotics. Your body has within it an inborn ability to heal itself; in fact all living things have the ability to heal themselves naturally. You are a self-healing organism. If your body has the ability to heal itself, why doesn't it? The answer sometimes is we don't give our body enough time to heal on its own or the actual cause of the problem is still present and interfering with the healing process.

Suppose again that you cut your finger but neglected to discover a wood splinter or sliver in the wound. Would the cut heal? No, it would become, red, hot, swollen, and infected. The sliver would interfere with the healing process. Would the best course of action at this point be to take an antibiotic to treat the infection? Or would it make more sense to remove the splinter? Would the cut now heal on its own if you removed the interference? Let's think about it for a moment, if the body is a self-healing organism, wouldn't it make more sense to look for the cause of the interference and remove it than to put more interference (drugs and medication) into the body?

Most patients who develop health challenges search for a pill or a potion to relieve their discomfort instead of locating the cause of the problem and removing the cause. By removing the actual cause it allows our body an opportunity to heal naturally. For example, infections are not a lack of antibiotics in our bloodstream; they are often cause by a suppressed immune system. Why does your immune system become suppressed? Poor diet, lack of exercise, stress or possibly nerve interference. If the body is a self healing organism, why take medicine? Why not find out what is interfering with your body's ability to heal itself and remove the interference?

The next time you encounter a health challenge just stop for a moment and think about what might have caused the problem, not just how to cover up the symptoms. Remember, healthy people don't get "sick", only unhealthy people get sick.

The great news is that we can always improve our health; it does not matter what level you are starting from. A Chiropractic lifestyle is the safest, most cost effective, and most natural way to achieve your health and wellness goals; and it is my mission to get you there.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Tyler Hamel
Pinnacle Health & Wellness

This article was published on Thursday 21 June, 2012.

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