Nutrition is a key element in maximizing your body's performance and natural healing capabilities. Proper nutrition can help speed healing, maximize performance and give you more energy.

Track Your Back

Understand your therapy progress using Pinnacle Health & Wellness's Surface EMG measurement tool.
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Chiropractic & Stress Relief

Stress is something that all people have to some degree or another and can cause simple things such as a headache or can be a contributor to more serious things like hypertension or even cancer.

Sometimes you are so stressed it feels like you are going to have a nervous breakdown; that is because ultimately stress affects your nervous system.

There are three kinds of stress, physical, emotional, chemical/environmental.

You have a certain range of stress your body can handle; if you exceed this range your nervous system will break down; possibly causing an array of physical ailments including lower back pain.

So what does Chiropractic have to do with stress? As Chiropractors, we cannot control the outside stresses you have, but we can fine tune the spine and nervous system to allow you to adapt to the stress more easily.

How do we fine tune the spine and nervous system? By specific spinal alignment which takes pressure off the nerves which take pressure off your nervous system and allows it to function at a higher level.

We have state of the art technology to see how your spine and nervous system are "functioning". The procedure is quick and painless and you will be able to see for yourself; which areas of your spine and nervous system are irritated.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Tyler Hamel
Pinnacle Health & Wellness

This article was published on Thursday 21 June, 2012.

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