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    Nutrition is a key element in maximizing your body's performance and natural healing capabilities. Proper nutrition can help speed healing, maximize performance and give you more energy.

    Track Your Back

    Understand your therapy progress using Pinnacle Health & Wellness's Surface EMG measurement tool.

    Golf & Sports Wellness

    Pinnacle Health & Wellness uses the Titleist Performance Institute
    methodology to help you improve your golf game
    and to help prevent injuries.

    Dr. Tyler
    Hamel has earned the highest certification available from the Titleist Performance Institute as a Level 3 Medical Professional.

    If you are suffering from chronic pain after playing or have recently developed after playing, call Pinnacle Health & Wellness at 281-360-8387, and make an appointment today.

    Exercise is necessary for our health and well-being,
    but sometimes the pain can keep us from the sports we love.
    Tennis elbow, or lower back pain from golf--as if a low score doesn't hurt enough...


    Sports Wellness & Golf FitnessGolf Pain Free, Hit the Ball Longer, Have More Fun Playing Golf

    The golf swing does not care how big your biceps or pecs are. The golf swing is a very 
asymmetrical, un-natural, highly intensified movement for your body. For PGA tour
 players and amateurs alike, fitness and wellness programs should be administered with 
injury prevention and longevity of the game in mind. Once fundamental movements
 are learned and corrective exercises are implemented, then advanced golf specific
 movements can be introduced.

    The Cold Rubber Band

    Think of putting a rubber band in the freezer for a couple of hours, now put each end on
 your thumbs like you are going to fire it; pull it back and what happens…..it snaps. This 
is very similar to golfers trying to swing a golf club without properly warming up; cold
 muscles do not fire very well and as a result injury can occur.

    The Titleist Performance Institute Approach

    The Screening Tests developed by the Titleist Performance Institute were developed from some of the most respected Sports Medicine Doctors in the nation. These tests will identify physical limitations that are occurring in your golf swing.  They show you how your body relates to your golf swing.

    Pinnacle Health & Wellness's Dr Tyler Hamel is a Chiropractor and Certified Level 3 Medical Titleist Fitness Professional. Upon completion of your testing, Pinnacle Health and Wellness can produce a plan of therapy, stretching, exercise and nutrition designed to improve your golf fitness and performance.

    Numerous PGA and LPGA winners use the Titleist Performance Institute methodology to improve their games.  You can lower your scores, feel better and enjoy golf more.  Get started by calling Pinnacle Health & Wellness today at 281-360-8387 and schedule your Titleist Performance testing.

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    Why Golf Is So Tough on the Body
    Golf is one of the toughest sports on your body when talking about repetitive sprain/strain injuries. Research has shown that amateur golfers put out about 90% of their peak muscular activity in to driving the golf ball.
    Published: Thursday 21 June, 2012
    Golf Conditioning & Injury Prevention
    A golfer's conditioning program must be designed to integrate the whole body. Using functional golf exercises, what I would also call corrective exercises are designed to balance, lengthen, restore, strengthen and coordinate movement patterns specific to golf.
    Published: Thursday 21 June, 2012
    Why Golfers Frequently Have Lower Back Pain
    Golf is supposed to be a life long sport; these days golf is more popular than ever and as many kids are playing as retired people. So what is the one major condition that gets in the way of life long golf? It is back pain.
    Published: Thursday 14 June, 2012
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