Kingwood Chiropractor Reviews Safe Treatment For Neck and Back Pain

Kingwood Chiropractor Reviews Safe Treatment For Neck and Back Pain

Believe it or not, neck and back pain affect over 40% of Americans at some point in their life.  Other complaints that are described for the neck and back are: spasm, kinks, cricks, misalignment, headaches, decreased mobility, low back went out, can’t hold the head up, shooting pain, tingling, back locks up and many more.

Dr. Tyler Hamel, Kingwood chiropractor reviews safe treatment for neck and back pain that because most people don’t know what their options are.  For the most part people suffering with chronic low back and neck pain first choose the mainstream medical route because they are looking for immediate relief.  Who would blame them for wanting instant pain relief, after all the average person probably watches 2-3 hours of drug commercials on TV every week promising to take those neck and back aches, spasm, and pain away, and away quickly.

This begs the question for neck and back pain relief, what is the difference between natural, alternative care like chiropractic compared with mainstream medicine.  Lets take a look at the main differences:

Alternative Medicine/Chiropractic care- under this category we can have osteopath, naturopath, acupuncture, and clinical nutritionist.

  1. Look at identifying and correcting or treating the underlying cause of the health concern.  So when looking at safe treatments for neck and back pain chiropractic care specifically looks at identifying the root cause of the pain; often times this is from spine and nerve irritation.
  2. Look to treat the whole body and not just the symptom- symptoms can sometimes go away with medicine but in no way does that take care of the problem.  As a holistic chiropractor often times it is seen that digestive issues and low back pain are related; if you don’t address the digestive complaints it is very hard to get rid of the back pain.  Looking at thyroid dysfunctions often times there is spine and nerve irritation in the cervical spine; the nerves that come off of this part of the spine go to innervate and give nerve supply to the thyroid.  This is what we mean by taking a whole body approach.
  3. This type of natural medicine is very safe, with little to no side effects; think of these more natural remedies giving the body the energy and healing that it needs to correct or fix itself.

Mainstream Medicine- which include medical doctors, specialists, and surgeons.

  1. Looks at mostly addressing the symptoms of the patient; for chronic neck or back pain all that can be done is to prescribe a medicine to help with pain, inflammation, and muscle spasm.
  2. Mainstream medicine looks at the body part or region instead of as a whole.  For example pain medicine might be given to a patient with low back pain but identifying the cause of the low back pain is not addressed.  To alleviate low back pain often times one should look at the hips and mid back to see how they related.  Chiropractic will address the entire spine, hips and pelvis when it comes to correcting low back strains and sprain; medicine usually just looks to the low back and as you can imagine they could be missing out on some good information.
  3. When it comes to medicine and surgery for neck or low back pain relief there are many side effects as one can imagine.  Any time a surgery is done they are removing a natural part of your body that is supposed to be there, in the case of neck and back pain it can be a disc, nerve or the joint itself.  The basic stats are the 50% of people feel somewhat better after surgery, but when you look 2-3 years down the road that neck and low back irritation is back.

Kingwood chiropractor, Dr. Tyler Hamel reviews safe treatment for neck and back pain to help educate his community about natural options that are out there.  Dr. Hamel has been practicing for over 17 years and has helped thousands of patients with back and neck soreness and discomfort.  Over that 17 years he has seen a variety of different neck and back complaints ranging from disc herniations, spasms, kinks in the neck, sciatica, migraine headaches, low back sprains and strains, car accidents patients.  In treating thousands of back and neck pain patients Dr. Hamel states that over 75% of the patients have positive results, 20 % of the patients did better but did not follow up on treatment, and the remaining 5% had to be referred to an orthopedic doctor or spine specialist.  Overall one can see that chiropractic care and adjustments is a very safe and effective treatment for people suffering with back and neck aches and pains.

If you are on the fence about whether to choose safe, alternative treatments for neck and back pain or go the mainstream medical route please contact Dr. Hamel and his office at 281-360-8387 to ask any further questions.  Dr. Hamel has been a practicing doctor of chiropractic in Kingwood and Spring Texas for over 17 years, his mission is to help as many people as possible get healthier and stay that way.  He believes there are way too many people suffering needlessly with aches, pains and other chronic symptoms who simply are not getting the help they need, mostly because they are not educated on the natural options to medicine or surgeries.



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