Nutrition is a key element in maximizing your body's performance and natural healing capabilities. Proper nutrition can help speed healing, maximize performance and give you more energy.

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Pinnacle Health & Wellness believes that your body has its optimal chance to heal from health conditions when given the proper nutrition.  Most alternative medicine Doctors would agree that proper nourishment through diet and supplementation can assist in your body’s ability to heal itself.  Some would go further to say there is consistently some kind of linkage between disease/condition and diet.  At Pinnacle Health & Wellness, nutrition plans are individualized to each patient for specific needs.

Dietary supplements can give your body the sustenance it has been lacking; resulting in more energy, better sleep, less headaches, better workouts, and being more active throughout the day.  Giving your body the right fuel not only helps your body with healing from trauma and repetitive injuries like tennis or golfer's elbow. A good diet also helps hold your Chiropractic adjustments longer. 

Pinnacle Health & Wellness recommends Standard Process supplements.  We have found them to have the highest quality products and a diverse range of products for many different health concerns.  These whole food supplements, being of the highest quality, get absorbed easily into your body and support the processes and systems in your body that may be contributing to your health concerns. Each health condition has a nourishment protocol that goes along with it. Stick to the protocol giving your body the nutrients it needs, and watch how it responds.

High quality Standard Process supplements can only be purchased through health care professionals and are available through Pinnacle Health & Wellness.

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Why Your Nutritional Supplements May Not Be Working
Today there are thousands of nutritional supplements available for a variety of different health conditions or symptoms. The most common supplements that Americans seek out today are to help support energy, libido, sleep, athletic performance, digestion, and weight loss. Billions of dollars are
Published: Monday 25 November, 2013
Why Are Most Americans Tired, Overweight and Hormonal?
Published: Thursday 21 November, 2013
Natural Detoxification and Cleansing Programs
Natural detoxification and cleansing programs are geared towards eliminating toxic substances from the bowel, liver, lymph and intestines. Natural detoxification and cleansing programs can help improve a wide variety of different health conditions; most people do not realize that a major
Published: Friday 02 November, 2012
Wellness Programs Make Sense To Improve Your Health
Wellness programs are a staple of the chiropractic profession and people are seeking out these alternative health care doctors for much more than neck and back pain. Wellness programs seek to give the client natural treatments in order to optimize mental, physical and emotional health without the
Published: Saturday 29 September, 2012
Nutritional Response Testing
Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of ill or non-optimum health.
Published: Monday 25 June, 2012
Tired and Overweight, An American Epidemic
The average American is 25 pounds overweight, over tired and over stressed. Our bodies were never meant to be put through such stress and the recommended FDA diet is not helping. All of these symptoms are markedly contributed to by our diet. Sugar handling problems are an epidemic today, and
Published: Monday 25 June, 2012
Sugar, The Bad, The Bad and The Ugly
Sugar: many of us like it, but are there any good health benefits of sugar? Apparently not. Back in the day when they used to grow cane sugar in good, quality soil the health benefits of cane sugar included promoting healthy teeth and gums.
Published: Friday 22 June, 2012
Why Are We Addicted to Sugar
If you can regulate your blood sugar it is without a doubt that you will feel more energized, alert, sleep better and lose weight. This is how your body's chemistry works. Support your body this way and you can only get healthier.
Published: Friday 22 June, 2012
Nutrition & Liver Health
When you get your lab tests done for your liver; the test is only identifying if you have inflammation; it is NOT testing for optimal function.
Published: Thursday 21 June, 2012
Salt - Good or Bad
Who would have thought? There are different kinds of salt; one that is actually good for you and the most common type which you will find is not very good for you.
Published: Thursday 21 June, 2012
Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 articles) Result Pages:  1