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    Nutrition is a key element in maximizing your body's performance and natural healing capabilities. Proper nutrition can help speed healing, maximize performance and give you more energy.

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    Parasites Cleansing for Muscle and Joint Pains

    A homeopathic parasite cleanse is often the final effort to curing muscle aches and pain in the joints when all else fails. Over 80% of Americans have some kind of parasite in their body and don’t know it. If a person has parasites in the body this may be a contributing underlying cause of joint pain and muscle aches. If someone has chronic joint pain, swelling and inflammation in the body and nothing seems to make it go away; parasites could be the reason and it is worth looking in to.

    Parasites travel to the soft tissue in your body, and that includes your muscles and joints. Inflammation occurs because of the presence of the parasites. Anytime a body recognizes a foreign invader it attempts to attack and as a result inflammation occurs. A person may be misdiagnosed as having arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis or even fibromyalgia when in fact the pain they are experiencing is caused by the parasite toxins that gather in the muscle tissue and joints. A parasite cleanse may be the answer to these frustrating long term inflammatory conditions. The right herbal remedy can be very effective and is often less harsh than its pharmaceutical counterpart.

    Parasites, along with causing joint and muscle pain, may give you other symptoms such as numbness of your hands and feet; muscle cramps; a fast heartbeat; pain in your back, shoulders, thighs, lungs as well as pain in your heart. Toxic waste produced by parasites can be a serious burden on the nervous system and that is why you can have such a wide variety of different symptoms. A parasite cleanse helps the body recognize these toxic parasites, creates an unfriendly environment for them to survive, then eliminates them.

    Parasites basically use up your body’s reserves of nutrients and minerals and ultimately cause dysfunction in the glands and organs of the body. We think most commonly of parasites affecting the intestines, they prevent the proper absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream and as a result we become malnourished. When the small intestine is not able to function at 100% for a long period of time, it opens up the potential for other serious conditions to pop up like IBS, polyps, ulcers and even cancer. A parasite cleanse allows the small intestine to return to functioning at 100%, and if your digestion is good and you can absorb nutrients and significantly improve your health.

    If the parasites are in the liver, the liver is not able to produce the enzymes it is supposed to and therefore cannot perform its main function of detoxifying the body. The liver also breaks down and uses nutrients for fuel and when it cannot do this the toxins continue to build up over time. A main contributor to inflammation in the body can be congestion in the liver; an unhappy liver can cause almost any symptom in the body. The nice thing about a parasite cleanse is that it will find the parasites anywhere in your body and create an unfriendly environment for them to survive. As far as liver health goes, some alternative health doctors think if you have optimal liver function that can improve your overall health by 50%.

    This article was published on Friday 28 September, 2012.