Salad For Breakfast.. What Are The Benefits?

Salad For Breakfast.. What Are The Benefits?

OK I know what you are thinking, salad for breakfast, who in their right mind would do that?  Being in my profession, chiropractor and nutritionist over the past 17 years I have seen how poor nutrition has deteriorated our health.  This concerns me, it is concerning for my family and of course it is going to effect my patients.  The only way to help people is to educate them on how important nutrition is and what happens in the body when it is getting adequate amounts of nutrients.

This particular salad tastes pretty good, is very easy to make and does not cost a lot of money.  For all those interested here is the recipe:

  • two handfuls of organic spinach
  • 1/2 organic cucumber peeled and cubed
  • 1/4 container of goat cheese ( you could really use a different cheese if you prefer)
  • a handful or organic pumpkin seeds.
  • 2 organic strawberries diced.
  • lemon juice from 1/2 a lemon
  • extra virgin Olive Oil, a healthy amount ( you could use 2 tablespoons)

Mix it all up and you are good to go.  What nutrients do you get from this easy to make salad:

  • probiotics from the greens.
  • fiber from the greens.
  • alkaline from the greens (anti-acidic), everyone seems to be acidic these days.
  • anti-oxidants from strawberries, lemon, spinach.
  • protein from the cheese and pumpkin seeds.
  • good fats from the Olive Oil and pumpkin seeds.

From a nutrition stand point what better way to start the day; this will give you lots of nutrients, energy, brain clarity and help with digestion and elimination.  The body can easily break this down because it has no sugar and relatively low carbohydrates.

If we compare this to the typical American diet or should I say “SAD” here is what you need to know.  Processed foods like donuts, bagels, pastry, and even most cereals and breads have little to NO nutrition; yes they might taste good but that is all you get.  Heavy foods such as these are very high in carbohydrates and possibly sugar, this sends your blood sugar spiking and as a result, an hour after eating, you will feel exhausted, brain fog, unmotivated and maybe even a little moody.  A very common breakfast for people today is a bagel and coffee, or a sugary cereal; think of how this is affecting our kid’s health; not good!!.

Trying to eat healthier I have heard many different concerns or reasons for why it might be challenging so here they are:

  • It just costs too much to eat healthy or organic.
  • I don’t have the time to grocery shop and prepare all of this food.
  • None of that healthy stuff tastes any good.
  • “I might be able to do it but my husband and kids; there is no way.”
  • My grand parents ate like I do (SAD diet) and they seemed pretty healthy.

There are many more reasons, some people might even say these reasons are more like excuses.  So lets take a real look and see.

It costs too much- the salad I made above cost about $3.00 total, of course with a big container of spinach, a whole cucumber, Olive oil, pumpkin seeds etc; I could probably make 10 of those salads, so lets just say an average of $3.00 per salad.

I don’t have the time- when  went to my local grocery store it took me about 5 minutes to get all of the ingredients.  In the morning it took me less than 5 minutes to cut up things and put the salad together.

Health stuff doesn’t taste good- this is another misconception, how does healthy, real food not taste good?  Some of us who are used to eating salty, fast food all the time might take a little time to get used to real food again; the health benefits are worth it; aren’t they?  There are plenty of recipes out there that are healthy, have good fats, good salt, and spices so you can make them taste however you like.

My family won’t go for it- this just comes back to your health, and treating it like it is your most important asset.  As statistics have shown, (who wants to be a statistic), eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), leads to chronic health issues such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, obesity, chronic fatigue and more.  Your body will respond positively when you eat good nutrients, your body will respond negatively when you eat processed, high carbohydrate foods…it s that simple.

My grandparents ate this way and they were in good health- my grandparents made most things from scratch, they used real butter, real lard, real meats and real vegetables and they were definitely healthy.  The reality is that times have changed, the nutrients that are in non-organic foods today is far less than 50 years ago, the soil quality is terrible today compared to what it was for your grandparents.  I think of my grandparents (not alive anymore) back in the 1930’s living on a farm (true story), they lived off the lands, plenty of fruit, vegetables, cows, chickens without pesticides, and other chemicals.  Today we are bombarded with chemicals, pesticides and hormones because they are trying to grow everything more quickly, vegetables, fruits, fish, and other foods….it’s just crazy.

You know with science we have come a long way, we can grow chickens, cows, vegetables and fruits in less time than it took 50 years ago; but the one thing science forgot, the one thing that is causing a lot of us to be sick today is…the nutrient value in the food we eat is not what it needs to be.  You hear the phrase often, and it makes a lot of sense, that we are a nation that is overfed and undernourished; it doesn’t matter if we eat one piece of pizza or the whole pizza, we are not any healthier.

I heard one of the health guru’s say that humans just get in their own way when it comes to improving their health.  Yes there are challenges to making a lifestyle change to get healthier, but it is not just a challenge for you…it is for anyone trying.  A challenge can just be a challenge, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or cause you to quit, but this is what happens with a lot of people trying a new diet or exercise program.  All of those reasons listed above are not really true, they are made up excuses or reasons, we know they are made up because many people have overcome these excuses to become super healthy.

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