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    Nutrition is a key element in maximizing your body's performance and natural healing capabilities. Proper nutrition can help speed healing, maximize performance and give you more energy.

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    Sports Chiropractic, Giving Athletes The Edge They Need

    Sports chiropractic is used today to treat a wide variety of different sports injuries.  Many of the professional teams for football, basketball, soccer and hockey now use sports chiropractic to help speed up the healing process of their athletes.  The forces that are put on the human body in professional sports is mind boggling, the amount of stress and pressure put on the joints, muscles and ligaments is constant and unforgiving.  When dealing with professional athletes the only thing that matters with them is being healthy to play the next game, they have to be ready day after day to push their bodies to the limit.  The most common conditions athletes experience today is neck pain, back pain, sciatica, shoulder pain, ankle pain, dehydration, and pinched nerves.

    Sports chiropractic is geared towards improving the athlete’s ability to heal, repair and recover, and this is done by finding areas of nerve interference, energy blocks and muscle and joint restrictions.  The chiropractor basically finds areas in the body that are stuck and not functioning properly, they then give the athlete the therapy it needs to help fix those areas.  As alternative health care doctors, chiropractors really do not fix anything at all, instead they give the body what it needs so it can heal and repair itself.  A major difference between mainstream medicine and this alternative treatment is that with chiropractic there are no medications or surgeries prescribed and therefore far less side effects. 

    Chiropractors go through a rigorous educational program consisting of anatomy, physiology, neurology, pathology and pharmacology.  These doctors are trained to diagnose and treat health conditions that are caused by nervous system interference affecting the spine, joints, muscles, organs and nerves. These holistic doctors can also further their education in clinical nutrition which compliments their philosophy of healing the body from the inside using only natural healing modalities.

    What to expect when getting a sports chiropractic treatment

    • A full history of the patient’s current and past health problems and conditions
    • The doctor will ask questions to find out exactly what the underlying cause of the health issue is
    • The doctor will do a physical exam to determine if and how the spine and nervous system are contributing to the current complaint
    • Sometimes if the doctor believes it is necessary, the patient will get an x ray, or possibly even referred out for an MRI
    • The doctor may also use nutritional testing on a patient to determine if their health condition is being affected by poor nutrition or lack of key vitamins and minerals.
    • The doctor will then explain what he or she thinks is the underlying cause of the health condition or complaint
    • At this point, with the permission from the patient, the doctor will prescribe a variety of treatments such as physical therapy modalities, muscle releasing and stretching, chiropractic adjustments, postural exercises and nutritional therapy if required
    • Common reactions to a sports chiropractic treatment are decreased pain and discomfort, feeling more energetic, feeling balanced and a sense of overall wellbeing
    • Occasionally the patient may be a little bit sore after treatment, even know this treatment is healthy and good for the body, the process of healing may bring with it some minor discomfort

    There is more of a need for sports chiropractic now than ever before, no matter if you are a high school athlete, professional athlete, weekend warrior, cross fit competitor, body builder or golfer.  Athletic bodies get beat up and most do not get near the time to recover and repair themselves.  This type of treatment speeds up the body’s ability to heal and recover from the everyday strains and wear and tear these athletes are experiencing every day.  Best of all this alternative treatment is giving the body what it wants, using only natural and effective therapies that the body welcomes.


    This article was published on Thursday 27 September, 2012.