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    The Myths and Truths About Chiropractic

    There are many myths out there about chiropractic, exactly what these alternative Doctors do and how they treat so many different health conditions.  These alternative Doctors have been around for over 100 years, their ability to find the underlying cause of a condition and enhance the body’s ability to heal and repair itself is the foundation of its amazing craft.  Medical Doctors in the early 1900’s were looking to cure headaches, arthritis and disease by drilling holes in a patient’s skull to relieve symptoms.  Mean while chiropractors were manipulating the spine and helping people with pain, hearing loss, and digestive problems all without the use of drugs or surgery.  So how have things changed since the early 1900’s?  Medical Doctors have fancy lab and imaging tests and thousands of drugs to help a patient suffering anything from arthritis, depression or restless leg syndrome.  Doctors of chiropractic have newer testing methods but the philosophy of identifying the underlying cause still exists, and still without the use of drugs or surgery.  There are a few myths that the majority of the population spreads about these natural, homeopathic Doctors and here they are.

    Myth #1

    Chiropractors are bone crunchers, all they do is crack bones and it is painful.

    Truth #1

    DC’s or Doctors of chiropractic identify the underlying cause of a patient’s health condition which may be spinal, nerve related or nutritionally based.   Adjusting or cracking a joint has nothing to do with a bone rubbing on a bone;  the sound comes from compressed air bubbles which lie in the joint capsule.  When done properly the adjustment should be comfortable with little to no pain.


    Once I get chiropractic adjustment will I have to go for the rest of my life.

    Truth #2

    Think of the amount of time it takes for someone to get arthritis, digestive problems or headaches?  These are health issues that have developed over time so one cannot expect to remedy these situations quickly.  Compare this natural treatment to working out at the gym to look and feel better, a person would not work out 5 days a week for 6 months and then all of sudden stop.  The human body has many stressors acting on it every day so the chance of needing a tune up are quite high for most individuals, some benefit most from one  treatment per month while others prefer one treatment per week.

    Myth #3

    If I have to go to get a treatment, is it going to cost me a lot of money?

    Truth #3

    Chiropractic is one of the safest, most natural and cost effective treatment for many health conditions.  This treatment involves taking care of the underlying cause before it becomes a crisis.  Seeing this  Doctor 30 times a year is much more cost effective than getting a $30000.00 back or neck surgery and with much less side effects.  Chiropractic makes sense financially, and like most alternative therapies you will see the Doctor more often at the beginning but once you get better you will just come in to get tuned up.

    DC’s receive similar training to medical Doctors with not as much focus on drugs and medications.  This alternative health profession is known for its bedside manner because a patient spends all the time with the Doctor.  People seek out homeopathic Doctors everyday because they are tired of going in to their medical Doctor, spending less than 5 minutes and coming out with another prescription.  This health care system is crippling American’s overall health.  Our healthcare system promotes managing a patient’s symptoms instead of treating the underlying cause of their condition.  America’s health, which is ranked 37th among civilized countries will continue to spiral downward unless there is a major shift in how we deliver health.



    This article was published on Tuesday 25 September, 2012.