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    Nutrition is a key element in maximizing your body's performance and natural healing capabilities. Proper nutrition can help speed healing, maximize performance and give you more energy.

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    The Number One Reason To See A Chiropractor

    There has been a growing list of studies showing that chiropractic care is safe, effective and affordable.  The evidence of these studies shows the amazing benefit of natural, whole body care and how important it is to find the underlying cause of health conditions today.

    In 2000, JMPT published an article that stated patients receiving chiropractic treatment for chronic low back pain showed greater satisfaction and improvement over a 30 day period compared with treatment by a family doctor.  Over 50 percent of the group studied showed significant improvement in their low back pain and range of motion.  Over 30 percent of the patients treated by medical doctors revealed their low back pain had not change or had become worse.

    Receiving chiropractic treatment involves finding and treating the underlying cause of chronic neck and back pain and other bodily ailments.  On the other hand medicinal treatment from primary care doctors manages the symptoms but does not take care of the underlying cause.  This is and will always be the difference between holistic, natural, whole body care and mainstream medicine, do you want to encourage the body to fix the problem or just deal with the symptoms?

    Another study in 2003 done by the British Medical Journal did a one year study on chronic neck pain sufferers receiving spinal adjustments by a holistic doctor or receiving counseling and medication from a medical doctor.  The patients receiving manual adjustments not only recovered faster, but their overall cost was less than one third of the cost of medical treatment.  With the high cost of medical insurance today, chiropractic care breathes a sigh of relief into the pocket books of the average American.

    The interesting thing about chiropractic care is that it is all natural, whole body health care; it gives the body what it needs to heal and repair joints, muscles and ligaments.  Whole body, natural care means little to no side effects; you do not have to worry about having a reaction to a toxic chemical or drug which is foreign to the body.  Medications on the other hand are made up of lab made chemicals, these are foreign to the body and as a result the body does not welcome them and many times side effects can arise.  There is a similar comparison to natural whole food supplement and lab produced synthetic vitamins, the body does not like synthetic anything, let alone synthetic vitamins.  Whole food supplement are natural and contain the same makeup of minerals, enzymes and cofactors as one would see it occur in nature.  A good wellness program or nutritional program is a key factor to keeping you healthy; we cannot rely on processed food and fake vitamins to keep us healthy; it just does not work.

    In 2002 the Annals of Internal Medicine published that they had compared a group of neck pain patients receiving manual manipulation as opposed to mainstream medical management.  After seven weeks of treatment, the group that was manually adjusted had a success rate of over 65 percent; this was twice as high as the group receiving medical treatment.  The group of patients that received manual manipulation also showed to have fewer absences or sick days from work in comparison to the medically managed group.  One further study showed that the group receiving natural, manual adjustments had to rely less on the use of anti inflammatory and pain medications compared with the group treated by the medical doctor.

    Chiropractic treatment has showed overwhelming success in treating neck and back pain over the last twenty plus years.  This natural, alternative health profession has also been shown to effectively help a wide variety of other health issues such as headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff syndrome, fibromyalgia, weight loss and general sprains and strains. 



    This article was published on Monday 01 October, 2012.