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    "); } ?> Tackling Health Concerns using Natural Wellness Care and Therapy


    Nutrition is a key element in maximizing your body's performance and natural healing capabilities. Proper nutrition can help speed healing, maximize performance and give you more energy.

    Track Your Back

    Understand your therapy progress using Pinnacle Health & Wellness's Surface EMG measurement tool.

    Wellness Care, Giving Your Body Exactly What It Needs

    Wellness care is described as natural, drug free health care that enhances the body’s ability to function at an optimal level.  When people go to their primary care Doctors for every little ailment this is called sick care because a prescription medication only helps manage symptoms and will never eliminate the true underlying cause of a condition.  There are hundreds of people every day that go to Doctors and are getting no help, they are taking drugs to manage their cold, high blood pressure and high cholesterol; there is no long term plan to correct the underlying health condition. 

    Wellness care is welcomed by the body and you are not forcing the body to do anything it does not want to do.  Wellness Doctors are able to identify the underlying cause of most health conditions without the use of expensive and time consuming lab and imaging tests.  Research has shown that most of the regular blood tests show levels of organ function that are not truly functional, meaning the results have such a large range that most people do not set off any red flags for health problems.  We have been accustomed to medical Doctors saying we are in range for our blood tests so everything is fine.  Wellness care differs significantly in that it seeks to find any dysfunction in an organ, gland or nervous system that might be contributing to a patient’s health complaints.

    Homeopathic Doctors say that like properties attract each other, for example if the body is suffering from a yeast infection and we put yeast near the body it will give us a some kind of sign that says help me to get rid of this.  If the heart is not working at optimal capacity and we introduce a whole food nutritional product that is food for the heart, the body will give us a resounding yes that it wants that product.  If a person has a heavy metal toxicity for being around mercury, aluminum or lead; there are healthy ways to help the body get rid of those things.  True wellness care Doctors will give only natural therapies that the body will use to heal and repair itself, the patient’s body does all of the healing and that is how it is meant to be.

    The body wants wellness care remedies, people were never meant to have surgeries to put fake parts in or take needed parts out and as a result we see the thousands of side effects that plague Americans today.  Our body was never meant to handle years of ingesting toxic medications and as a result we are so much sicker and unhealthier than we have ever been in this country.  There is a time and place for medications and surgery but this is for a health crisis and not for regular health maintenance.  There is nothing about taking a medication for a long period of time that makes the body healthier, taking a toxic drug that has serious side effects on all the glands and organs of your body cannot bring you to a new level of health.

    The things that break the body down are worse today than ever before; more stress, inadequate nutrition, over prescribed medications.  The body is a self healing unit, it can help heal and repair most health conditions if given the proper nutrition while avoiding what is making them unhealthy in the first place.  Delivering true health to the body is what separates wellness care Doctor’s from any other profession.  These alternative methods can be acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, nutrition therapy, and other modalities that help stimulate the body to fix itself.

    This article was published on Wednesday 26 September, 2012.