The Downward Spiral of Our Health

We have all seen the stats of the US being one of the lowest ranked countries for health.  Does it have to do with people working long hours a being severely stressed?, do it have to do with the poor nutrient value that food now has?, does it have to do with our quick fix, what ever is cheapest mentaility?.  Well Yes, these are only a few things that are contributing to America’s poor health.

If you are experiencing a symptom or health condition I can assure you that you are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals already, and since vitamins and minerals serve as fuel for the organs, you can assume that your organs are not working at 100%.  As soon as these organs are not working at 100%, there ability to absorb, digest and metabolize vitamins and minerals diminishes.

This vicious cycle causes you to be more nutritionally deficient.  The more nutritionally deficient you become, the more stress it is going to put on your organs and so on and so forth.  And so the story goes and your health continues to deteriorate until the Doctors finally give you a very serious diagnosis.

So what we must do is to put a STOP to this cycle to prevent any further damage and at the same time support these areas to help turn around your health.

We can help you find what specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies you have and exactly what organs are already being affected.  From this point we give you supplements that help support and enhance your body’s ability to heal itself.  This is all natural, no drugs, no surgeries, no side effects, how beautiful is this.

Call and ask about our Nutritional Response Testing and designed clinical nutrition; it is like nothing have seen before.  Due to the fact that you are on this list you are entitled to a 50% discount on your first visit, a 60.00 value)  If you are tired of being sick and have an open mind about health and wellness please give us a call.

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