Nutrition is a key element in maximizing your body's performance and natural healing capabilities. Proper nutrition can help speed healing, maximize performance and give you more energy.

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Why Are We Addicted to Sugar

Why Do I Have Sugar Cravings all the Time?

Sugar cravings, most people have them, most commonly in the afternoon or after dinner.  The average American eats 178 pounds of sugar every year, compared to back in the 1930’s we ate 4 pounds per year.

We could blame this on the big corporations, the FDA, the government, the media and a host of others but what it really comes down to is our choice; it’s our choice to grab a coke instead of a bottle of water from the grocery store.  It is our choice to give our kids sugar laden snacks to reward them for being quiet, finishing their dinner, or doing their homework.  It is our choice to absolutely punish our pancreas to the point where it gets so tired that it can no longer regulate blood sugar, and therefore it is our choice that our nation is almost 50% pre-diabetic or diabetic.

What happens when we consume 178 pounds of sugar per year is that our organs and glands cannot function at 100% and our bodies get completed depleted of nutrients and minerals.  Organs not functioning at 100% can contribute to arthritis, digestive issues, diabetes, cancer, and many other serious health conditions.

Eating large amounts of sugar causes the pancreas to get tired, and when this happens we no longer have a signal to our brains that says, “hey, we are full, we should stop eating now” and this is why we eat sugar and then 1 hour later we crave it again.

So what needs to be done is to stop this cycle, interrupt the dysfunction and disease that is happening in the organs and support and feed the organs what they really need.

If you can regulate your blood sugar it is without a doubt that you will feel more energized, alert, sleep better and lose weight; this is how your body’s chemistry works; support your body this way and you can only get healthier.

We can help you through this process, using all natural, whole food supplements. Yes the body will respond everytime, if given exactly what it needs.

This article was published on Friday 22 June, 2012.

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