Nutrition is a key element in maximizing your body's performance and natural healing capabilities. Proper nutrition can help speed healing, maximize performance and give you more energy.

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Is Your Body Able To Heal and Repair Itself

When someone cuts their finger, the body can heal the cut without antibiotics, band aids, or other chemical gels or creams.  The body has its own inborn ability to heal itself, in facts every living thing has the ability to heal and repair itself naturally and efficiently.  If for some reason the body is not healing itself, we have to look more closely to find out why.  If you had a cut on your finger but failed to realize that you had a splinter in the wound, this would prevents the healing process from occurring.  If one was irritated because the finger was still sore, infected and painful, would it help heal the cut if the person took an antibiotic?  Or would it make more sense to remove the splinter?  The cut would now most likely heal itself due to removing the interference, or the splinter.  If the body is able to heal itself, does it not make sense to find the underlying cause of the interference rather that treat the body with a chemical toxin like an antibiotic?

Most people are very focused on their symptoms, pain or discomfort is hard not to think about when dealing with it every day.  When the cause of the discomfort is obvious, people will usually make the right decision and remove the cause.  For example if someone gets acid reflux after eating fried foods, eliminate the fried foods and the health symptom goes away.  What if instead someone used an antacid medication and just kept eating fried foods; this only helps manage the symptoms but the cause is not being taken care of.  Unfortunately medication works only by managing the symptoms, they make you comfortable while your health continues to spiral downward.  The majority of people want quick fix medication to solve their health problems, but there is no such thing, the natural healing process cannot occur when it is suppressed by medication. 

The main reasons why the body is not able to heal itself effectively usually have to do with a suppressed immune system.  These are the main reasons why a person’s immune system may be weak or not working up to speed are the following.

The person may have some kind of immune challenge that is preventing the natural healing process of the body to occur.  The common immune challenges affecting Americans are parasites, yeast, bacteria and virus.  These bugs can affect any organ or gland in the body and in doing so can decrease the body’s healing capabilities.

Spine and nervous system dysfunction can stress the body in ways where the nerve signal is not getting transmitted properly to the area that needs to be healed and repaired.  Think of pinching a hose and the water not coming out the other end, same goes when a nerve is pinched and the signal does not get to where it is supposed to go.

Poor diets can directly affect the organs and gland involved in boosting the immune system.  When you are not getting the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals your body will become sluggish and it lets its guard down.  Eating too much refined carbohydrates and sugars actually feeds the bugs that can infect the body.

Other stress such as physical, emotional and chemical can overwhelm the body’s immune system.  Physical stress such as repetitive, overuse injuries from work or exercise will deteriorate health.  Emotional stress from everyday life, relationships, dealing with a tough job or finances will break down the body.  Chemical stress from the toxins we take in everyday from foods, alcohol, cigarettes, pesticides, exhaust and many others.  Common glands that get exhausted and worn out from stress are the thyroid gland and adrenal glands.  When these glands are tired out, they cannot produce the hormones necessary to do some many important things for the body, including healing and repair.

The body is able to heal and repair itself from any health condition; the body just needs the right fuel to do this.  You see in the news today how people naturally recover from diabetes, cancer and heart disease just by giving the body what it needs; how exciting is that?  No matter how much we beat up our bodies over the years; we can change our lifestyle, heal and repair ourselves, and live a health, vibrant life.

This article was published on Saturday 06 October, 2012.

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