About Us

Welcome to Dr. Tyler Hamel wellness center

For those seeking natural alternatives to medicine, we have over 19 years experience helping clients overcome their health concerns naturally without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery. We help empower and guide our patients to improve their body’s ability to heal and repair itself by alleviating spine and nerve interference and feeding the body the nutrients it needs. The combination of improving spine/nervous system health and nutritional therapies allows the body to function at a more optimal level, these programs not only help you look and feel better but actually be healthier.

Our Mission

We have a mission and purpose to optimize the health of thousands of patients using chiropractic care and nutritional programs.


Dr. Tyler Hamel DC, local Kingwood, Texas chiropractor providing chiropractic care to his local Kingwood and North Houston communities for the past 19 years

Our Core Values

Let us take care of your health


We relentlessly pursue the highest level of performance. This requires hard work and a constant focus on quality.

Servant Leadership

Leaders build relationships of trust, are a source for help, and coach and lead their team members to be the best that they can be.

Patient-Centered Care

Our actions are constantly focused on providing excellent patient service in a warm and welcoming environment.


We will always support people for doing what is right, and will speak up if we see or hear something that doesn’t seem right.


This requires accountability for individual actions and a commitment to giving our very best effort with every patient, every day.


We can accomplish more together than as individuals. Success requires us to work together and treat each other with respect.

Give us the opportunity to help you heal your body and make you feel young and strong again!

We Care

Our foundation lies on our ideology

As doctors we really don’t fix anything, when given the right natural, healthy modalities the body is able to heal, fix and repair itself, this is what a good chiropractic and nutrition program promotes. Our health restoration programs help identify the underlying or root causes of health concerns or complaints our patients

Our health restoration programs help identify the underlying or root causes of health concerns or complaints our patients are coming in with. Finding the root cause and implementing a health restoration program, or a program to correct the root causes is the key to getting patients better.

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