My purpose is to guide and educate clients to optimize their health only using natural means, products and information and without the unnecessary use of surgery or long term medicine use.

I believe that working together, one on one with my clients creates a successful relationship bringing about a new level of health, adaptability to stress, energy, and resilience in this ever changing world we are living in.

I hold a Texas license in chiropractic and advanced clinical nutrition. I combine spine/nervous system treatments with clinical nutriton protocols to help people naturally heal, repair, grow and obtain a new level of health.

I have been a practicing doctor for over 20 years, I have helped thousands of clients naturally support their bodies from the many health challenges people are facing today. My mission is to help thousands more by inspiring them, supporting them, and enrolling them in a new healthy lifestyle bringing about their greatest potential.

Dr. Tyler Hamel DC, ACN


I have been struggling with immune system issues, hyperthyroid, and hormonal imbalance for nearly a decade, and have tried many methods that ultimately put more strain on my health. Feeling like I’ve hit a wall, I came across Dr. Hamel, and turned to a holistic health approach. I genuinely felt listened to, and am happy to say that after about 5 months treatment, this is the best that I have felt in years. The fevers, fatigue, PMS, and gut issues have significantly subsided. I also look forward to getting adjusted since I’m guilty of having terrible posture behind a computer 8+ hours/day. I live an hour away and the drive is worth it – you can tell he is passionate about his work. Totally recommend this office, Thanks, Dr. Hamel

NG- Spring TX

I went to Kingwood Chiropractor for back pain. Dr. Tyler Hamel is the best thing that’s ever happen for me. My back pain is going away plus I’m also doing a weight loss program. I’ve lost 24 lbs in six weeks. Thank you so very much Dr. Tyler Hamel

CG- New Caney, TX

I am very grateful with Dr.Hamel I only go for supplements I was having trouble with postpartum hair loss and sensitive teeth and he recommended Standard Process Catalyn and my baby is 7 mths and was overly active didn’t sleep much and I started giving her Catalyn and she’s more calm and naps well she was also born very small and I believe thanks to this Vitamin she’s catching up with the other babies she was born at 39 weeks 4.2 pds and know she just as big as her other cousins that were born bigger than her I highly recommend Dr.Hamel I will always be grateful for sharing his knowledge don’t settle for synthetic Vitamins they don’t work nothing like Standard Process

PV Kingwood, TX

Dr. Hamel is a great doctor for the following reasons: he is kind, he listens, we have intelligent discussions on medical and nutritional topics, and he goes the extra mile. While many doctors whisk you in and out, he takes time to see what else is going on that may be affecting the current problem. I’ve been going to Dr. Hamel for over a year. Even though I have been unable to get to the office in the past few months, I read his emails and informative newsletters to learn more. I first started going to the office for Diabetes II. He has helped me with other chiropractic areas as well. He is not one who pushes down on your back, he uses upgraded technology to relieve tension, subluxation, and work with the body through nutritional supplements in a holistic manner. He is professional in his approach and I highly recommend Dr. Hamel for not just chiropractic care, but whole body system care.

RH- The Woodlands, TX

Dr Hamel has always been my go-to ever since we moved to Kingwood 5 years ago. He has treated every member of my family from everything to back pain, knee pain, thyroid concerns, and teaching me about good gut health. I call him first before my primary medical doctor!

KY- Kingwood, TX

I have been seeing Dr. Hamel for at least 2 years! He is fabulous! I started taking the supplements and they have changed my life! I have been to other chiropractors in the past but have never gotten the results that Dr. Hamel has given me! You will not be sorry if you go to him for help!

MD, The Woodlands, TX

Dr. Hamel listens to you!!!! if you are looking for a great chiropractor and nutritionist in Kingwood to help you feel better. He’s the one! My sleeping habits are back to normal. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night. My Energy level is a 10out of 10. No more fatigue .And it’s only Been a couple of weeks. He is truly amazing!!

KR, Houston, TX

Dr. Hamel is fantastic! Not only has he been able to help me with my neck & back pain but after providing me with a quality supplement protocol, my energy and overall well-being have improved greatly. I highly recommend Dr. Hamel

KC, Houston, TX

I felt significant relief. I have been going back since that day and Dr. Hamel has been great each time. He has helped relieve my anxiety symptoms and up my energy levels with a natural supplement program. I can honestly say I’m very happy with him and recommend him for both chiropractic services, as well as natural supplement

JC, Houston, TX