Insomnia (Sleep Issues)

Can’t fall asleep, can’t stay asleep, wake up at 2-3 am every single night, lie in bed staring at the ceiling, reading your Ipad at 4 am to try and relax, can’t drag yourself out of bed, serious brain fog, no motivation or discipline, no exercise and very irritable; these are all symptoms of insomnia.  

The most common things we see affecting sleep are blood sugar, hormones and lifestyle, usually all 3 are happening at the same time, the body is exhausted but never gets a chance to fall in to deep sleep and get the healing/repair that it needs.

Know this, our health restoration programs help to identify why you are not able to sleep and help get your body resting fully through the night.  Just think of how much better everything could be if you slept a solid 7 hours a night.

* Our health restoration programs include advanced clinical nutrition programs and spinal maintenance, your health insurance may pick up some of your visits but often times our cash plans are less expensive that using medical insurance.


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