I was having major issues with fatigue, craving sweets. I have seen a change in as little as 12 days with the amount of energy and clarity that I feel as well as my sweet tooth has slowly faded. I have lost 16 pounds in 3 weeks so fat and I am sure I will continue.

Dana Mcbride


Since I have been trusting Dr. Hamel with this program the headaches are gone, my hair is back and I feel healthy again!!! I would recommend this program to anyone that is feeling uncomfortable with their life because I know it helped change mine.

Matt Perry


Fantastic experience with immediate results and changes in my health; I highly recommend Pinnacle Health to anyone who is looking to achieve optimal health. Well informed in nutrition and chiropractic, I feel very lucky to have found this gem of a practice!

Nicholas Preston


have been seeing Dr. Hamel for over 4 years. He is a great chiropractor and is very knowledgeable about nutrition. He has helped me overcome some digestive issues that I have struggled with for a long time, and has helped me with my migraine headaches. I will definitely continue to see him in the future.

Carlos Brown

Business Owner

Dr. Hamel has helped me through pre- and post back surgery, as well as alleviated my chronic daily headaches. He conducts a thorough history and uses test data to compile a very comprehensive and individualized health plan. The results have been incredibly welcomed and a huge relief.

Carla Estrada


Dr. Hamel is great! He really listens to your concerns. I’ve suffered with migraine’s and an old neck injury for well over 10 years. Seeing Dr. Hamel for regular adjustments and nutritional supplements has helped me tremendously with the pain and discomfort as well just feeling better overall.

Theresa Hamilton


I came into Dr. Hamel’s office with a variety of issues that were giving me problems from headaches to back pain to neck aches. Ounce I started my treatment I IMMEDIATELY noticed changes in how I felt. I use to wake up in terrible back pain from my sciatica that I felt like was almost debilitating! Thanks to Dr. Hamel that pain is almost nonexistent!

Joan Cooper